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Which to Choose for Book of Poems, Self Publishing or Traditional Route?

I have to confess that for the last few months I have been very lazy. All I have done beyond my required blogging jobs every week is read novels. However, I am starting to feel really guilty for not being more productive. SO, today it starts!

I am going to begin researching which way would be better for me to publish my book of poetry, self-publishing or trying to get published by a traditional small press. I have about 40 poems I have written over the last few decades, enough for at least a chapbook or short book of poetry. The majority of my poems are previously published and a few have even won poetry contests.

As I study which route to take I am going to blog here about my journey and share my findings. That way we can all learn the ins and outs of both options for getting a book of poetry published, self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Wish me luck!

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