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Professional Coaching For Your College Admission Essay

If you are hoping to get into your chosen college this year, or you are a parent who wants the very best chance for your child who is headed to college, we strongly suggest you get coaching for their college admission essay from Hallie Gay Walden at  Smart Writing.

Hallie Gay Walden
Hallie Gay Walden

Please understand that we are not suggesting someone who knows just a little about helping students create their best college admissions essays. Hallie Gay Walden sets the bar for excellence when it comes to college admission essays. Below is a very impressive list of results that came about from using Smart Writing and Ms. Walden’s coaching:

Recent SmartWriting Client Scholarships and Merit Awards include: 

Two United States Presidential Scholars
(Top 100 student in the US annually)

A United States Presidential Scholar
(Semi-finalist Top 400 in the US annually)

The Cameron Impact Scholarship
($200,000 to any university of your choice)

The Jefferson at the University of Virginia
(~$200K in Scholarship over 4 years)

The Johnson at Washington and Lee
(~$200K in Scholarship over 4 years)

The Reynolds at Wake Forest University
(~$200K in Scholarship over 4 years)

The WT Young at Transylvania University
(Full Ride)

The Otis Singletary at the University of Kentucky
(Full Ride)

As you can very well see, the students and their parents who choose Hallie Gay Walden to coach them in writing their college admission essays are shooting for the stars and often hit the moon.

Hallie Gay Walden is the former Managing Editor of the esteemed literary journal the Paris Review. This is where she began to develop the craft necessary to polish a writer’s voice. At Smart Writing, Hallie tells website visitors and prospective college applicants this, “For over 15 years, I’ve specialized in helping prospective college students put their best “idea” “voice” and “self” on paper. I also provide college planning and strategic coaching for admissions, as well as merit and full-ride scholarship and honors programs nationwide.

College admissions are all about choice. First, they choose you, then ultimately you choose them. The more acceptances you have, the more choices there are, the greater your chance of finding that right fit. Your essays and overall presentation are pivotal to getting them to choose you.

Hallie has coached students whose admission essays have gotten them into such prestigious colleges as Harvard, Dartmouth, and Duke University, just to name a few of the big dogs. Hallie holds a BA in English Literature from Dartmouth College and a Juris Doctorate from Columbia University School of Law.

If you need coaching for your college admissions essay, why not give yourself the very best chance available to make it phenomenal? Contact Hallie Gay Walden today and discuss your college dreams and let her help you enter the college of your choice. You can call Hallie at 859-533-9348 or fill out this short contact form and she will get back to you asap. And good luck! However, if you hire this awesome coach we doubt luck will have a lot to do with it. 🙂

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