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3 Calls For Submissions: Paying Markets for Poetry

I am always on the lookout for good-paying markets for my poetry. Below are the latest places I will be submitting my work and I wanted to share with Write to Heal readers who may want to get paid for your poetry:

Deadline of March 15th–Augur Magazine 


For bards & wordsmiths

  • Submit as a .doc file (NOT .docx)

  • Do not include your name anywhere in the document for anonymous reading
  • Indicate whether you are [CAD/TI] for Canadian/Turtle Island citizen/resident/ex-patriot/etc.; [OTH] for an international student living here/longtime visitor/anything that doesn’t fit CAD/TI but attaches you to Canada/Turtle Island; or [INT] if you’re submitting without a relationship to Canada
  • If you’re comfortable doing so, indicate any information about your intersectional identity that you would like to disclose
  • Include any important or recent publishing history, or if you’re an emerging creator
  • Do not submit poems longer than five (5) pages—we are partial to shorter poetry
  • Do not submit more than five (5) poems (to a maximum ten pages of poetry) per submission period, and do not exceed four pieces should you be submitting across genre lines (ie. one short story, three poems)
  • We pay $60.00 CAD per poem
  • Submit here

Deadline March 24th–Kanstellation


For this issue, we are accepting the following forms of poetry: experimental/hybrid, traditional, prose poetry, found poetry, and poetry is written in a non-English language, with the requirement that an English translation accompanies the original. We aren’t considering long-form, haiku, micro poetry, or erasure poetry for this submission call. Send up to 4 poems in one Word document (.doc/Docx). Pays $60 for poems. Submit here.

Deadline March 31st-Split Lip

One submission per writer at a time, please. That means if you submit a poem, you can’t also submit flash. Etc. You get the picture.

We want to see fresh work that hasn’t been published anywhere before (including your personal blog or website). We don’t accept emailed submissions — you gotta use our Submittable. (The exception to the rule is Interviews/Reviews – see below for more deets!) We pay $50 for poems. Submit here.


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