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Thoughts on Emotions and the Cornavirus

This one is for all of my fellow empaths. I admit the past few weeks really rocked my base, but I have grounded myself and aligned with spirit. We are not in control. We never have been. What we do have control over is our reaction to things. Many of you have CPTSD and this new reality is triggering more than ever. I say to you that you have the tools in your toolbox already. Lean into them and use them. In some ways, you are more equipped than those who have never had to take on immense amounts of stress. Remember to ground yourself daily. I do this by walking on the beach…getting back to nature. I know that not all of you have access to a beach or a forest, but you do have access most likely to a tree (hug it) or grass (walk barefoot in it). Shielding takes a little more practice and e tails you creating some space and time to meditated or pray protection around you. Remember that your sensitivity is a gift and celebrate it but also take care of it and yourself. Namaste Ella

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