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Which to Choose for Book of Poems, Self Publishing or Traditional Route?

I have to confess that for the last few months I have been very lazy. All I have done beyond my required blogging jobs every week is read novels. However, I am starting to feel really guilty for not being more productive. SO, today it starts!

I am going to begin researching which way would be better for me to publish my book of poetry, self-publishing or trying to get published by a traditional small press. I have about 40 poems I have written over the last few decades, enough for at least a chapbook or short book of poetry. The majority of my poems are previously published and a few have even won poetry contests.

As I study which route to take I am going to blog here about my journey and share my findings. That way we can all learn the ins and outs of both options for getting a book of poetry published, self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Wish me luck!

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Welcome Those Who Need Healing!

I am Denise Grier, a professional writer, blogger, and Certified Life Coach. I am so glad you decided to visit this website to find ways to heal through writing.

I have been a poet all my life, so writing is second nature to me. But I really got serious about how you can begin to heal through writing after losing my 30-year-old son to suicide in 2005. If it weren’t for writing, I really don’t think I would be here today.

This site, was created to use my experiences with grief and writing to offer my help to others who are suffering. If you need to talk about anything, just leave me a comment below. If it needs to be of a more personal nature, send me an email to

The plan for this site is to make myself totally available to those of you who are suffering, for whatever reason. As I continue to build the site I will be offering books, classes, workshops, resources available for those who need healing, and whatever else I come up with that I feel will be helpful to my readers.

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